Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yoghurt Vegetable Food Trends Predicted to Be So the New Year 2017

By the year 2017 a lot of predictions about healthy food. Once fermented foods so the trend this year, yogurt vegetables will be popular in 2017

Waitrose, online shopping in the UK predict a vegetable yogurt seems to be a trend next year. Vegetables such as carrots, beets and sweet potatoes, unexpectedly, popular in America. In the food and beverage trends report annual supermarket, will be popular in the UK.

Variations of this food follow the success of seaweed, cactus water, bread bao in 2016. It showed that the public now likes the new food that looks good on social media.

It also makes the more blurred the distinction between the restaurant and the food home. People are increasingly choosing sumptuous meal at home and casual dining in a restaurant with friends. Noted, that looks weird diet also decreased.

The survey for the report also found that only 30% of people counting calories to lose weight. More than 50% say healthy eating has become part of their daily lives.

"The view has changed, once considered a healthy food is bland and unimaginative, now tend to be more favored people. People think healthy food tasty and yummy food is healthy," said Natalie Mitchel, head of brand development Wairose, England, as quoted by (2/11/16).

In addition, the report also found the people concerned with the look of their home cooking time will be uploaded to social media.